Courses for nurses and allied health professionals

We offer a wide range of short courses for nurses and allied health professionals, many virtual and self-paced to fit around your working commitments.

We continue to enable non-medical staff to learn new skills and take on responsibilities previously within the remit only of doctors. This ensures that everyone’s professional expertise is used to the best effect and provides improvements to patient care. For example, some nurses at Moorfields are now qualified to administer intravitreal injections to patients with wet age-related macular degeneration – a service previously provided only by medical staff – while others are trained to provide laser treatment for posterior capsular opacification, a common side-effect of cataract surgery.


This learning experience was a breath of fresh air; expanded my knowldege and career potential.

Our courses

Moorfields Refractive one-day course

Moorfields Refractive one-day course
This one-day hybrid course has been developed with the purpose of teaching how to approach a vision correction patient and learning all options available from laser to non-laser refractive surgery and therefore enable surgeons to treat patients with the best possible customised approach.