Macula Course

The Comprehensive five-day Macula course has been running successfully over 30 years, started by Professor Alan Bird. Considered the premiere retina course in Europe, particpants attends from all over the world to study all aspects of retinal disease, taught by experts from Moorfields and UCL Institute of Opthamology.

We work with sponsors to deliver a bespoke state of art programme tailoring the sessions and presentations to the specific needs of the audience, usually over two days. We recently organised such for professionals from Dubai, Italy, UAE and Egypt coming to Moorfields and have held it off-site in Greece.

With an emphasis on interractive teaching, workshops have also been included to share best practice, especially around the managemnet of patients with complex diseases and co-morbidity.  

Ecah course covers the latest developments in the field of medical and surgical retina, including the most recent scientific and clinical research. This course will give you an overview of anatomy, pathophysiology, clinical investigation and current treatments for retinal disease. Course faculty are drawn from members of the Medical and Surgical Retina Services in Moorfileds Eye Hospital and UCL Institute of Opthamology.

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Duration 3 days

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This course is unique because it covers all aspects of retinal disease, from basic and theoretical concepts to imaging, including real-world practical examples.