Joint vitreo retinal and ocular oncology symposium for nurses and allied health professionals

We are delighted to announce our first Joint vitreo retinal and ocular oncology symposium for nurses and allied health professionals.

This unique event will provide attendees with up-to-date knowledge of vitreo retinal and ocular oncology conditions and treatments as well as new innovations across both specialities.

Talks on nurse-led innovations, patient feedback, fascinating case studies, OCT and ultrasound updates along with new pathways within both specialities will enable attendees to take key learning and developments back to their own clinical areas.

Featured topics
Vitreo retinal
  • Virtual pathways within VR- the journey so far.
  • Peripheral retinal findings.
  • Fundoscopy for beginners – nursing feedback from Moorfields pilot course.
  • Nurse-led innovations and roles within a vitreo retinal service at Moorfields.
  • Epi-retinal membrane Finesse Research Project.
  • Retinal detachment seeing things from our patient’s journey.
  • AI and the retina.
  • Case studies from vitreo retinal emergency.

Ocular oncology
  • Uveal melanomas and treatment.
  • Ocular surface tumours and treatment.
  • Role of the ocular oncology CNS.
  • Not everything is a melanoma, other conditions to consider.
  • Breaking bad news.
  • 3D prosthetics research.
  • Patient story.
  • Retinoblastoma.

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Course directors

Your course directors are:

  • Yvonne Kana, Nurse Consultant, Vitreo Retinal Service
  • Sinead Hanrahan, Clinical Nurse Specialist, Ocular Oncology
Who is this study day for?

This course is intended for nurses and allied health professionals, including ophthalmic technicians.


A certificate of attendance will be awarded at the end of the study day.

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