This course is intended for anyone who has been diagnosed with glaucoma, along with their friends, family and carers. The course provides a comprehensive insight into glaucoma and will help you to better understand your condition and your ongoing treatment and care. It will also provide pointers on how to cope with the practical aspects of daily living with glaucoma as well as deepening your knowledge about the eye and eye care and highlighting sources of support.

Course overview

The course is unique in having been authored by a series of consultants and medical practitioners from the UCL Institute of Ophthalmology and Moorfields Eye Hospital, who are at the forefront of research and treatment of glaucoma. It contains a multitude of learning experiences (developed by medical and non-medical staff at Moorfields Eye Hospital and UCL) including animation, a podcast, multilingual videos, interactive images, links to social groups and many more.

Course sections include:

  • What is glaucoma
  • Why me?
  • The epidemiology of glaucoma
  • How is glaucoma diagnosed
  • What is it like living with glaucoma
  • Different types of glaucoma
  • How is glaucoma treated
  • What does the future hold
  • Charities and patient organisations
  • Everything you need to know about eyes
Benefits of attending

After completing this course, you will have a wider understanding of how glaucoma affects the eye, you'll have gathered some tips and tricks on living with glaucoma and gained appreciation of how the disease is assessed and treated. You will have the knowledge and confidence to improve your daily life and to appropriately manage the future progression of your glaucoma. Friends, family and carers will also benefit from this greater understanding and will be better able to offer help and support.


In order to access the programme online, you will need access to a computer (laptop, tablet or desktop) or smartphone.

How to book

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