Elective at Moorfields City Road Hospital

Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Trust is pleased to offer an opportunity for international and UK undergraduate medical students who have completed a minimum of three years of a medical degree programme to apply for the Ophthalmology medical elective programme. UK Foundation doctors and UK doctors in training get also apply for a one week placement via the programme.These placements are spent within the main site at City Road.

With consideration some students may be able to extend their stay for up to 8 weeks but they will be required to purchase an additional programme place.

Please note the medical elective fee of £200 must be paid alongside the return of signed documents is required before your place is confirmed. Under no circumstances can a student attend the hospital clinics, theatres & all other clinical spaces until accepted onto the medical elective programme.

Before purchasing an elective please contact PGME to check availability and complete the medical elective application process. Please email Moorfields.Electives@nhs.net noting that we are open Tuesday to Friday only.

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I was very grateful to have this placement at Moorfields I had the opportunity to go to different clinics & theatres and so learnt a lot in the different subspecialties. Thank you again for the great organisation!