Glaucoma Virtual Observership

Our glaucoma virtual observership - led by Rashmi Mathew - has been developed to allow you to observe consultations and sugery without the need to attend the hospital.

The observership includes recordings of nine actual clinic consultations which use different clinical scenarios and have different take home messages.

In addition, you will observe three surgical videos:

  • Trabeculectomy surgery
  • Insertion of aqueous shunt
  • Ophthalmic surgical skills - knot tying

There are approximately 8 hours of online materials to watch.

All videos were recorded in ‘surgeon’s view’ to optimise learning. Rashmi's work on virtual surgical skills training has been published and you can view it here.

The observership will conclude with a live Q&A webinar where you will meet with Rashmi Mathew and have the opportunity to ask any questions that you may have.

Please note that this is a self-paced, virtual programme. The online materials will be available to access from a fixed date. You do NOT need to be available on that date to take part in the programme. You can apply and start the programme later in the month so long as you are sure that you will have time to watch the online materials before the Q&A webinar.

Date of next observership

The date of commencement of the next virtual obervership is yet to be confirmed.

You can join the waiting list to be notified as soon as the date is agreed.





Start Date
Duration 4 weeks

Benefits of attending

Course fees



"The Glaucoma Virtual Observership served as an excellent way to get clinical experience during the pandemic. The videos clearly explained the background of each patient and allowed me to get a better understanding of the context as well as management of the patient. Being able to observe what the clinician was looking for through the slitlamp was an invaluable way for me to learn and feel engaged during the observership" 

Jit Kai Tan

Taught by


Rashmi Mathew

Rashmi Mathew is a Consultant Ophthalmologist at Moorfields Eye Hospital with a special interest in glaucoma. She is the Lead for New Consultant and Resident Leadership Training and the Programme Lead for the MSc in Advanced Clinical Optometry and Ophthalmology. Rashmi is also the Apprenticeship programme, Deputy Director for Undergraduate Education. She set up the EyeBelong campaign at the Institute of Ophthalmology to improve postgraduate student experience and is also the Clinical Lead for the Trust’s Schwartz Rounds. Rashmi is committed to promoting staff well-being and is particularly interested in positive leadership and how this transforms teams and organisations.