Ocular Emergencies - Virtual

A one day course composed of a series of live lecture webinars on the topic of Ocular Emergencies and delivered by Consultant Ophthalmologists from Moorfields Eye Hospital.

Course Overview

This course will discuss the most common seen in A&E and how to manage them with shared case decision making. It aims to give an insight into the A&E pathway will be given to aid eye care practitioners in making management decisions.

Who is this course for?

It is suitable for community and hospital based optometrists working in urgent care / A& E or other allied health professionals.

Featured Topics
  • Signs and symptoms of common urgent ocular abnormalities.
  • Decision making for private practice optometrists.
  • Private patient and internal HES referrals.
  • Photographs and specific case studies.
  • Protocols and follow up procedures for patients in A & E.

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Benefits of attending

Upon completion of the course, Learners would expect to have a better understanding of patient care, management and treatment pathways in patients with ocular emergencies from anterior eye conditions to posterior eye conditions.


CET points (TBC) and a certificate of attendance will be awarded.

Course Organiser: Sophie Thomas, Specialist Optometrist


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