Helen Gibbons: Clinical Lead Nurse (Education and Research)

MSc, PG Dip Ophth, PG Cert in Medical Education, RT, BA (Hons), RGN, EN(G)
My first taste of ophthalmic nursing was as a health care assistant while I was waiting to commence my general training. I enjoyed it so much that as soon as I had completed my training I applied to study for the ENB 348 qualification in ophthalmic nursing at Southampton and here I am 25 years later still passionate about ophthalmic nursing and still learning something new every day!

I have been fortunate enough to work with some very forward thinking and dynamic Ophthalmologists who were confident enough to train nurses to push the boundaries and work at an advanced level. I was the first nurse to be trained to perform Nd YAG laser capsulotomy and Nd YAG laser irridotomy. My ophthalmic experience has been in pre and post-operative care, out patients and running a nurse led ophthalmic emergency clinic within a DGH.

I am very passionate about Education and Ophthalmology and love teaching staff new knowledge and skills so our patients feel happy knowing they are being treated by knowledgeable highly trained staff giving evidenced based care.

Tendai Gwenhure: Clinical Educator (Lead for Student Nurse’s/ RTP Nurses)

PG Cert in Education, RT, BSc (Hons), RGN
I joined ophthalmology in an attempt to unravel the mysteries of the field of ophthalmic nursing as it was alien to me. 3 years after qualifying as a nurse, I was working in a private ward where we used to have ophthalmic patients. I was curious to see how the ophthalmologist was examining his patients, so I decided one day that I was going to ask him to show me and explain things to me. Fortunately he was very receptive and willing to teach me. 3 months later, he offered me a job at his private practice! This was a milestone in my career as an ophthalmic nurse and I have never looked back.

After undertaking the ophthalmic course, I worked in A&E as an ophthalmic emergency nurse practitioner. Because of my experience, I understand the need to facilitate learning and developing ophthalmic clinical skills among nurses. I support aspiring nurse practitioner and clinical staff in acquiring skills and knowledge to equip them to execute their roles safely and effectively. I also support undergraduate students and Return to Practice students by liaising with the universities and the clinical staff to ensure that their clinical learning environments are conducive to learning.

Anjali Praveen: Clinical Educator (Lead for Mentorship)BSc (Hons), RGN, Nurse Prescriber
I gained my BSc (Adult) Nursing from India and my first job in UK was in an ophthalmic outpatient department. I enjoyed working there so much that I stayed and developed my ophthalmic nursing skills through completing a local ophthalmic nursing course and developing as a Clinical Nurse Specialist in Glaucoma and AMD. During this time I also completed the Manchester university M-level Glaucoma modules and obtained my Non-medical Prescribing registration this enabled me to improve the patient experience and create a smooth patient pathway. I have been nominated twice for the Macula Disease Society ‘Award for Excellence’ by the patients. After spending 13 years in ophthalmology I am still as passionate about Ophthalmic nursing. Through my role as a clinical educator, my primary aim is to raise standards and to ensure students acquire and consolidate knowledge, skills and understanding appropriate to the nursing subject being taught.

Nicky Bedwell Clinical Educator (Lead for Theatres and Care Certificate) RGN, ENB
I completed my general nurse training at Ipswich hospital in 1986. My first taste of Ophthalmology came in my first job at Addenbrooke’s hospital in the emergency vitreal retinal  operating theatre. The experience gained at Addenbrooke’s led to a position as a theatre nurse at Hinchingbrooke hospital. I was able to work in Ophthalmology once I had completed my orientation in common surgical procedures in all of the specialities within the operating department. My passion for ophthalmology grew and my desire to learn more lead me to undertake an ENB course in Ophthalmic nursing. I was able to consolidate my knowledge by gaining valuable experience in the outpatients department as well as the operating theatres. From 2007 I was promoted to a more managerial position as Ophthalmic theatre lead, then as Matron for ophthalmology outpatients. In 2015 it was time for a change of direction I was fortunate to join the clinical education team at Moorfields to share my wealth of skills and experience.

Fardowsa Dirir Clinical Educator (Lead for Commissioning and study leave) BSc (Hons), RGN
I trained as a Registered Nurse with Middlesex University and my first insight into Ophthalmic nursing was on my theatre placement at MEH. I became a staff nurse in A&E, gained my ophthalmic nurse qualification which led to me training to be a Nurse Practitioner in A&E here at Moorfield's. I enjoyed teaching junior nurses and Health Care assistants and soon realised that an educational role was one that I wanted to pursue. As a clinical Educator my role consist of training Nurses, Healthcare assistants and Technicians in VR, Mile End and Ealing. I train staff on checking visual acuity, history taking, slit-lamp, checking Intra-ocular pressures, carrying out Optical coherence tomography. I assess the knowledge and skills of staff by using different methodologies such as direct observation, oral assessment, practical demonstration and feedback from patients and colleagues. I apply NMC and Trust standard operating procedures. Once I feel the a menber of staff is ready to have their competency signed I inform their line manager. My role as Education commissioner consist of managing the education funding Moorfield's Eye hospital receives each year for workforce development.